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Steel and Acid Rain

We in 8th grade have just started studying acids and pH. I wanted to utilize my limited after-school time to do experiments involving acids and learn practical aspects of effect of acid in daily living. During my research, I came to know that acid rain has an enormous economic impact due to its effect on rusting of metals. The purpose of my science project was to use simple, inexpensive and non-hazardous household materials to study the relationship between acid and rust formation. 
My Hypothesis were: 
1) Model of acid rain water will rust steel wool faster than model of normal rainwater. 
2) The temperature will rise when steel wool is in contact with the acids due to the oxidation reaction.
3) The rise in temperature will be higher when steel wool is subjected to more acidic rainwater as higher H+ ion availability will likely speed up the iron oxidation process and hence the rate of rusting. Independent variables were Time & pH; Dependent variables were Tempera…