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Analysis of Honey

Aim is to analyze the available honey for presence of different minerals and carbohydrates . Honey, thick, sweet, super saturated sugar solution manufactured by bees to feed their larvae and for the subsistence during winter. Bee honey is composed of fructose, glucose and water, in varying proportions. It also contains several enzymes and oils. The color & flavor depends on the age of the honey and the sources of the nectar .It colored honeys are usually of higher quality than dark coloured honeys. Other high grade honeys are made by bees from orange blossoms, clover and Alfalfa. A well known, poorer grade honey is produced from buckwheat. Honey has a fuel value of about 3307 cal/kg [1520 cal/ lbs]. It readily picks up moisture from the air and is consequently used as a moistioning agent for Tobaco and in baking. Glucose crystallizes out of honey on standing at room temperature, leaving on uncrystallized layer of dissolved fructose. Honey to be marketed is usually heated by a …

Bam! The Strength of Rocks

I chose to study rock fracture because the San Francisco Bay Area is a major earthquake center. An experiment on the strength of rocks would help us understand earthquakes and understand ways of building structures to withstand them. 
I tested the fracture strength of four rock types: granite, soft granite, marble and slate, to investigate the question, "What type of rock can withstand the most pressure before fracturing?" 
My hypothesis was that granite would withstand the most pressure without breaking. 
The strength of a rock is the amount of pressure it can withstand without breaking. There are three kinds of forces in breaking of materials: tension (pulling apart), compression (pushing together) and shear (sliding apart). 
When a bar of material is pushed down, the bending causes compression on the top and tension on the bottom. 
One standard measure of strength of a material, independent of the size of the sample, is the "modulus…